The basis of online search marketing is to capture the essence of your product or service into keywords. The keywords represent what you do to your audience. Many of these words will match into longer phrases, the phrasing is key as you want to express a specific a keyword phrase search longer and in a multitude of ways. As research for the focus keywords brings you the next level of your business venture, you may want to consider what the Buddha taught “Seek the middle path” as this is prime for the optimization of your keywords to hit their targets.

Find Those Hot Words

You can easily identify what your hot keywords are in a simple meetings, many of them will jump right out. From there do research of related keywords and isolate a list that you want to focus on. Eliminate ones that are too heavily searched as this will not be for your marketing team to pay for paid marketing when someone searches a general like plumbers but it will if it has a geographic location next to it. Keywords sell for marketing based on search result numbers as well as terms. A few target ones will be indispensable to you though.

Monthly Volume Keywords

Search the Monthly volume keyword list and portion out the ones that you know you will need. No sense in paying extravagant advertising fees for terms that don’t apply to your business so start trimming down. The best way to know what terms are relevant against the search basis are you why you should hire a good consulting company to help you determine the best approach of attack. Find a good selection of keywords from across the spectrum of high to medium high and take some bets on the low search terms to attract those once in while customers.

Collaborate for Phrases

Now put your services into longer terms, about four to five words and see what you get, let’s try “cheap emergency Brooklyn plumber” this captures several of the keywords you want into a phrase. However, also consider the wording as your users would search for it. Try “toilet clogged in Brooklyn.” Factor in their needs. When you know what your customers want then you have already won half the battle. This is another way copywriting consulting can help you. The better the list you have for your writers will transfer into real data and finances in your pocket!

Balancing Your Keyword Clusters

Here is where the middle path comes in. To take full optimization in this current climate you need to be willing to diversify your risk. This entails contributing the base of your work to keyword clusters that you know the majority of your search audience will enter like the example about. Then consider paying for specific spots to have your site revealed first. When it comes to competition, you need to do online research against the other companies in your area. See who comes up first based on each result and how many times the result is searched into the search engine on a consistent basis.


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