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About Allure SEO

Allure SEO is an online marketing company based in Brooklyn NY. We are dedicated to helping small businesses get the presence they need online. We use the latest and most advanced techniques to Allure visitors to your business's website, blog, email or app. But the difference between us and most SEO companies is we drive quality traffic - the one that converts. We don't just send you visitors to impress the search engines, we send you clients. Our approach includes developing the most unique and helpful content to target your desired audience and putting it on an advanced CMS platform with cutting edge design. You see, bringing the visitors to your page is only half the battle. The real challenge is converting them to paying customers. And that is what we do best. We make sure the page your customers see has all the elements that will maximize the chance that they will order your product or service. That is why we design pages with the highest standards and using the latest technology. We have 20 years of combined experience between us. We come from all walks of marketing life: SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Apps, content marketing, retail, wholesale, service... You mention it - we done it. Our results speak for themselves: first place ranking in all keywords! That is not just first page - first place! Most of our customers got to that position within a year and tripled their online revenue during that first year alone. But what we are most proud of is our ability to maintain those high ranking for the long run. A lot of SEO's use methods that bring a website to high position rankings in search results fast. But something happens after a while and the party is over. Sometimes those sites loose their high ranking and sometimes they even get banned from certain search engines. Now that is something that a small business that makes his living from the internet cannot afford. That's why our service is so unique and valuable. Our track record shows: none of the businesses we are promoting have been hit with the curse of Panda and Penguin or banned from Google. All of them still able to maintain their positions and that is a rare performance record. Of course, those are the businesses that didn't quit and rest after achieving their goal to be featured on the first page in Google. They made sure to continue their online marketing efforts and that is why they were able to thrive in the long run too! If you want to be one of those clients - give us a call now and let us know! 718-252-5040

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